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Scored so much energy don't need my Mitochondria now 👨‍🔧

I think larger pathogen and starch blobs that need more hits to destroy would make it more challenging, and push user to distribute the cells and enzymes more uniformly.

Cells are a great template for building a game, I've had similar ideas about making games where immune systems gather together to defeat invaders.

When I started playing I found myself getting defeated over and over while trying to use immune cells but quickly found that a single enzyme on the corner bend and an immune cell near the exit was enough.

However, once I started placing many cells I found that only one or two can fire at once despite there being many available. Not sure if this was intentional or not.

When selecting an immune cell in full screen mode it's easy to accidentally place one on the grid behind the button.

All in all it's a pretty nice tower defense template.

Thanks a lot for the comment and feedback! actually there are two types of invaders - pathogen (yellow) and starch (white). immune cell can only attack pathogen and enzyme can only digest the starch.

at beginning you only have limited energy, hence you can only place very few defense tower. However as time goes by, each invaders you hit will give you some energy.

Hope this explains some of your confusion!